Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving On

I decided to take this blog in a different direction and while I may post here from time to time, I will mostly be posting on my new blog, Making My Way to Healthy.

I hope you'll check it out and give your two cents!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half Mary

A couple of days ago I signed up for my third half marathon. This may sound like I'm an experienced runner, but I'm not. The first one I ran/walked with Team in Training. It was a fantastic experience and probably would never have done a half marathon without them. I walked a second one and experienced blisters like you've never seen and it was miserable. So, enter apprehension. I REALLY want to run the entire thing. I'm in full on Couch to 5K training mode to prepare myself to actually try to run the whole thing. I'm excited about this because one of my best friends is doing her very first half marathon with me. Another friend (a more experienced runner who claims she won't be faster than us) is also joining us. We decided to to the Rock'n'Roll. It is the first year one has been held in St. Louis, so I'm excited to have a little musical motiviation each mile.

Hopefully, stating my intentions on this blog will motivate me to keep up my training. Look forward to many more posts about running and how I'm doing. I think that is the only way I may make it through this!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cut and Keys

Sunday when I arrived home from my "roughing" it adventure, I started doing laundry. While doing so, I lost my balance (because I am a complete klutz) and stepped on something and cut my foot. It wasn't super deep, but being on the sole of my foot it bled. a lot. And now it hurts like a son of a gun. In fact, after running and walking about 3 miles, I was limping last night.

To make matters worse, somehow I managed to lose my car key. I think it fell off my keychain while I was running. I had to call my mom in a panic to drive me to work. After work, we found the spare key but now I have to get another key made.

Ah, the drama of my life!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cabin Fever

Ugh. I've had a terrible summer cold for the last week. Seriously, it's like I can't breathe through my nose and am coughing. I feel so much better than last week, but I'm not completely over it yet!

In spite of not feeling fantastic, I went away with one of my best friends, Alison, and some of her friends from a previous job for the weekend. We went to a bed and breakfast that allowed us to have a cabin all to ourselves but delivered breakfast AND dinner. Oh, and stuff to make s'mores. This place was AWESOME and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. The owners were so nice and the place was beautiful. Since I'm not planning to take a vacation this summer, this was just the relaxing getaway from home for the weekend trip I needed! Here are a few pics from the weekend:

(view of the cabin from the "front" door)

(view of the lake behind the house-Alison gives it the thumbs up!)

(Saturday it rained in the morning so starting a fire Saturday night was difficult. Here is Alison ripping apart a phone book to feed the fire.)

(Here are the firestarters. I let them worry about starting the fire.)

(While the others started the fire, Erica sat on the porch patiently.)

Great weekend overall!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blind Dating

One of the "perks" of being the only single person in most friend groups is the set up. And by perks I mean terrors.

It is usually a multi-step process for me:

1. Excitement: OMG!!!! I can't wait to meet the guy _______ thinks would be great for me! They sound SO awesome! This could be THE ONE!
2. Anxiety: o.m.g. this could be THE ONE. and then proceed to put complete pressure on myself.
3.Fear: What if he doesn't like me? What if I'm not what he expects? What if he's not what I expect? What do I wear? Should I look them up on facebook?
4. Acceptance: Ok. This will be whatever it is. (Usually I've ended up asking for as much info as I possibly can and then finding them on facebook to glean even more information.)

Then, the date happens. Which is usually bad, if it even happens. If it isn't bad, it is isn't good i.e. date is condescending, doesn't show up, tells you he acts 21 when he is 32, meets you once and months later (and clear fb stalking) asks about you...

Most of the time, I end up thinking...Really? This is who you think would be a good match for me?! Why?

Of course, you can't ask your friend that because it is most likely their friend/family member/friend of the family/husband that they set you up with. You can't offend. So I sit, offended and confused. And without a date.

So, dear friends, think this through a little more. Just because two people are single doesn't mean they make a good couple.

UPDATE: Within one hour of posting this, a friend who I know doesn't read this blog called and asked me if I was interested in meeting the brother of a friend of a friend. And I can't see him on facebook. Let the games begin!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Hello

Sorry for not posting, but with summer school, I'm exhausted. These little kiddos are wearing me out! They are so funny and are quite entertaining with their questions about EVERYTHING!

Anyhoo, not much new going on...I went to a local tea room/cafe with my friend Sarah and her little baby Caroline where we pretended to be "ladies who lunch" yesterday. Today I got my hair trimmed and went to ZUMBA. Pretty low key day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Clang, Clang, Clang went the trolley....

I belong to our local chapter of Junior League. When I was first invited to join League, I envisioned stuck up ladies who lunch. Couldn't be further from the truth. While most of the women are married with kids, a large majority are professional women.

Anyway, yesterday was the first meeting of the provisional class or the potential new members. Being a board member this year, I decided I should make an appearance. Part of this meeting was going over info about Junior League and the other half was a trolley tour of our town!

We spent two hours on the trolley enjoying the sights, history, and some mimosas! Overall it was a fun time and every time I go on the trolley tour I end up learning something new.

Our claim to fame is that we are the home of the World's Tallest Man, Robert Wadlow. He died at age 22 from complications of an infection in 1940. He was 8' 11.1" tall. This was the only time we actually got out of the trolley so it is also the only picture I have.

Today, I taught my first day of summer school. Instead of being the librarian like I usually am during the school year, I am teaching an orientation for incoming 6th graders. Boy, these kiddos have a million questions! I forgot how inquisitive they are and also how needy they are. It is nice to get to know these kids before the year starts, but I think I'll really appreciate my job after this!